Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PaleOMG's Moist Chocolate Zucchini Baby Cakes

I need someone to make my blog pretty. I don't have the time or brain capacity to learn whatever coding this thing takes. I hate the fonts, spacing, recipe area, everything!!!!! I don't understand how people do it. Make pretty blogs that is. Mine looks like a child's diary. Or drawing book. Whatever.

I got plants today!! I've been really depressed about leaving Eleanor bean behind in the US of A. Really. Effing. Depressed. So depressed, I've turned to house plants to love and care for. No, succulents can't snuggle at night, and to be honest, they don't need a whole lot of attention, which is good for a noob green-thumber like myself, but it is a living thing. And they make me happy. I purchased a whole bunch of succulents and 2 gorgeous heather plants at this place I stumbled upon called Narcissus. I like mythology. I don't like not being able to find the CrossFit gym I'm supposed to be working out at tomorrow at 6am. But I'm SO EXCITED. It's a 2 hour introductory course noobs to the gym are required to take. I'm excited to work on the technique of all my lifts. And HOPEFULLY meet some friends who like to workout. And eat all things meat and no things grain.

I went out solo last night. What. An. Experience. Thankfully, it was just at a bar across the street from my flat. I must really smell or something because no one talked to me. I even made sure to put deodorant on, which I accidentally forgot the other day. Eeeeesh. No bueno. Granted, it was not a hoppin' place...and I sat at the bar and drank red wine out of a low ball glass. Umm yup, I was that girl. Anyway, it was a strange experience and it convinced me that I'm an ogre that's going to spend my time in Edinburgh devoid of human contact. So I'm just going to go workout all the time and get sweaty and uglier instead, oh and a bigger butt. Maybe people will overlook my social awkwardness and be my friend if I get a huge ass. MOAR SQUATS.

I reeeeally broke my magic bullet this morning. In the process of taking it off my kitchen counter, somehow I flung the attachment halfway across my room and the plastic shattered. If anything, my time alone has taught me that I am ridiculously clumsy. I dropped one of my new plants and scattered soil all over my bathroom. Now people are going to come to my flat (if I ever meet any friends), use the bathroom, and think I'm some nasty-hoe with poop particles lingering around her toilet. I tried sweeping, but sadly the domestic gene completely bypassed me. Fail.

The pre-cooked, eventually soggy zucchini chips. They showed so much promise.
But I have no patience. And zucchini cake called.
Today's post is not my recipe. I have a giant zucchini I bought from the farmer's market, as pictured above, and I've been absolutely dying to make Juli from PaleOMG's Moist Chocolate Zucchini Bread. So I did. But I miniaturized them into ramekins and used a sunbutter/hemp seed butter blend. Holy crap it was so good. I ate an entire one. I needed to get my vegetables in for the day...duh. I'll post my shitty iPhone quality pictures, but follow the link above for the recipe! I essentially halved it, using more of some stuff at times and less in others. The ramekins still cooked through in about 30 minutes, so regardless of whether you use a loaf pan or a smaller baking apparatus you should be alright with guestimating the time. When in doubt, toothpick test. Or knife test if you're like me and don't own toothpicks yet. Add it to the to-do list.  

Oooh hello there! Hurry up now.

You're goddamn right I documented the entire process. These little things
are heaven. They deserve respect and several pictures.
So. Moist. Mmmmmm.

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